The KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion is designed to enable clients to lay on their front at variable stages of pregnancy.

For use with your existing Massage Couch as an alternative to a Pregnancy Massage Couch. This firm cushion will support the skeletal structure allowing bump and breasts to comfortably sit inside whilst the cover has been specially designed to support the round ligaments. Designed to encourage correct spinal alignment to relieve pressure on the back whilst firmness of cushion eliminates risk of pressure on the bump whilst being flexible enough to adjust to fit your client’s body.

The KIH Bed is made up of two layers for variable depth and these layers have been used to support various post-op therapies. Designed in 2011 and launched in 2013 the Multi-Award-Winning KIH Bed has consistent excellent feedback from Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and from mums who purchase to use at home.

The KIH Bed was designed in the UK in 2011 (IPO Design: 4024535 & Patent: 1318506.1)

Designed in 2011 by founder and qualified therapist Julie Hawkins during her own pregnancy and need to lay on her front & launched in July 2013 following two years of extensive research, professional consultation and health and safety testing to ensure that the KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion was a safe, saleable product.

Note that whereas some prone laying couches hold a concern of strain on the round ligaments, the KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion is specifically designed to support the uterine ligaments and reduce pressure on the abdomen.

The KIH Bed is fully compliant with British Standards BS7177, BS5852 and BSEN713.  These tests relate to furniture & fire regulations and also to breathability testing as carried out on cot mattresses.


The KIH Bed now boasts 7 years positive feedback and has won a number of local and national awards.

The KIH Bed is now used by massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists around the world, as well as by mums to be and new mums in the home, the KIH bed is turning into a must have as a therapist, hotel and household maternity aid.  See our listed therapists

Additionally the KIH Bed is perfect for co-sleeping post-partum and thereafter an aid for sitting.

Weighing less than 2 kilos and measuring only 20” x 22” x 8” the KIH Bed is lightweight and easy to store! With a convenient  carry bag with handles for ease of carriage.

You can buy the KIH Bed, or the Therapist Kit, in the shop page, or you can now pay by 4 monthly payments Direct Debit – just follow this link, or contact us to vary the plan.

Made in the UK

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Submitted by:  Melissa Cowan 27/01/2018

Thank you for this amazing product and excellent delivery service. I have a very happy pre natal client who received her treatment using this product and had great positive feedback on how comfortable and supported she felt using it.

As a therapist allowed me to offer a more comfortable treatment to my client and allow me a better position to treat back and shoulders.

5 star rating! Thank you

Lavendar Fields Massage

Submitted By: Roisin Cairns 12/06/2015

‘I had my first pregnant lady use it the other night and felt it great. She herself is a physiotherapist and pregnancy yoga instructor so is interested in the KIH bed.’The Little House of Calm

Submitted By: Dena Schwartz on 17/02/2015

‘I have used the KIH bed for two of my pregnant ladies so far and they have both loved it! They feel so comfortable and well supported. They can’t wait for their next appointments!  Thank you for making such a brilliant product!’

The Holistic Approach

Submitted By: Melissa Folly on 05/11/2014

‘I bought a KIH Bed from Julie earlier this year and have been very impressed with the quality and comfort of the product. As a Chiropractor I often treat ladies in variable stages of pregnancy and the double layer to the pillow allows a fantastic transition between stages. The removable covers are great and easy to remove and wash. I would highly recommend Julie and her KIH pregnancy products. From

Melissa Folly at Shires Chiropractic Clinic.’

2015 Awards HC Innovation HR

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Most Innovative Pregnancy Massage Cushion 2019

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