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KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion – for clients to lay prone full term

The KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion was designed in the UK in 2011 when qualified therapist Julie Hawkins was heavily pregnant and could not find a pregnancy cushion to enable her to do so!

Following the initial design Julie spent two years researching laying prone (on your belly) in pregnancy and dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s with respect to all other aspects of Health and Safety.  Having to incinerate her beloved KIH Bed to Comply with British Standards Testing was a painful experience.  But finally after two years with the finished product along with relevant certification Julie was ready to secure finance, set up the company KIH Products Ltd and launch the KIH Bed to the general public.

In the last six years since the business was established the KIH Bed has been increasing in popularity with Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Leading Spa’s, not only in the U.K, but in the Irish Republic, Australia, America, France, Spain, and an attempted Cyprus purchase!

Julie, and KIH Products have been shortlisted for and won a number of awards including the Federation of Holistic Therapists Excellence in Innovation Accolade Award in 2015, MPower Mums in Business finalist, Women’s Business Club Innovation Award and a couple of others!  Julie now supports other Single Mums in Business.

KIH Products will be exhibiting at the Holistic Health Show at the Birmingham NEC in May 2019 and Julie will look forward to meeting you there for you to try before you buy and ask any questions.


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