KIH Products Privacy Policy

KIH Products Privacy Policy
Here at KIH Products Ltd we like to keep things simple. So here’s what you need to know
about how KIH Products uses your data.
As the ‘Controller’ KIH Products will collect basic personal data which does not include any
special category data. This personal data will be your name, address, business details,
email and any financial information given to pay for your product or service.
We only need this data to perform a contract with you. i.e. to provide goods and services to
you and we will not share this data with any third party, nor will we use it for ongoing
marketing purposes. Your data will only be kept in-line with statutory accounting
requirements for a maximum of 6 years.
Your data is kept safe and secure as it always has been under the Data Protection Act.
We are based in the UK and do not transfer data outside of the UK. Your website address
will be publicly available on the ‘find a therapist’ page of after explicit
consent via email has been obtained from you and this consent is kept by the data controller.
You have the right to request that your business details are removed at any time by emailing .
KIH Products does not send marketing emails. If you receive an email this will be an
individual email based on public information taken from your website. This data is not held,
it is a one off communication.
If you would like a copy of your data please make a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request)
and your data will be sent to you via email free of charge within 14 days.
If you have any complaints about how your data has been used by KIH Products please
contact Julie Hawkins the Data Privacy Manager by email and if you
are not satisfied with her response you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office
who are the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues. You can complain to the
ICO by following this link
Thank you for visiting KIH Products
Last updated 5th July 2018