KIH Bed Professional Therapist Kit

1 x KIH Bed with Cover + 1 x Spare Cover + 1 x face rest with cover + 2 x 4″ depth covers + Website and FB listing. Quarterly FB & Twitter PR share ‘when prompted’.


KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion

For use by Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths or by mum-to-be at home to assist maximum comfort throughout pregnancy and for various uses post-partum & thereafter. KIH Bed with one full size 100% Brushed Cotton Cover 22″ x 20″ x 8″


Face Rest

For massage therapists. The KIH Face Rest extends over your existing breathe hole to allow perfect alignment. Not for use in the home as no additional breathe holes added. This soft cushion will push through the couch hole to achieve the correct height for your client.


Spare full depth cover – pregnancy cushion not included

Spare cover only – pregnancy cushion not included – highly recommended for periods of washing. 100% soft brushed cotton.


Natasga Dandelion Weatherstone C Section Knickers


You can also buy here Dandelion Weatherstone Knickers. You can also visit the main website here to read more and purchase directly for less, or I will order these for you for ease of checkout. A little about these knickers: High waisted knickers with soft fibres to avoid incision irritation – Boning and elasticated polyester fabric to pull the tummy. We’re trying to reduce pain and ease the risk of diastasis recti (separation of the ‘six pack’ muscles). – The fibres have been impregnated with SILVADUR 930 FLEX Antimic IDH NO: 16896 an antibacterial agent which is guaranteed for 50 washes at 40 degrees and aimed at trying to prevent infection. Currently this agent is used on many medical scrubs across the world. – 3-15% of all C-section sites and 15-25% of other abdominal surgery sites will become infected (stats from National Centre for Biotechnology Information, USA) – This product acts as a shield to protect your wound when breastfeeding so you can bond with your baby – Totally vegan, including the dyes and processes. We’ve tried to go as eco-friendly as we possibly can for a product that needs certain un-eco qualities to it, and we are aiming to make it more green over time. Our contract to the factory even involved requesting minimum water usage when rinsing the dyes out. We re-use packaging or post out in cornstarch. – An anti-slavery policy on our manufacturing – Same day dispatch – Friendly, LGBTQ supportive customer service