The KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion is now at the Hotel Rehlegg near Berchtesgaden, Germany

Taken from their website:

Mountains as far as the eye can see

Cradled in the very heart of a breath-taking alpine mountainscape is the Rehlegg Hotel. To rehleggs is to slow down, take time for yourself, become one with the stunning mountain nature of Berchtesgaden’s National Park – to nurture the good in you.

All the comforts of 4-star superior retreat

Naturally when I checked the address before despatching the latest KIH Bed I was very tempted to ‘deliver in person’! as customs is a little more arduous and expensive now I did spend at least an hour contemplating if I could justify this level of customer service, but alas, it was shipped via my usual trusted international courier! I may visit at some stage though, for a little undercover market research!

The marketing for the KIH Bed has always been very organic and sales are mostly ‘word of mouth’, as I have shipped a number of KIH Beds to Germany of late it is quite heart-warming to know that conversations are happening there that I know nothing of and these conversations have lead to this stunning luxury mountain retreat spa and hotel realising that they needed to offer their pregnant clients the option to lay prone with this luxury product; and the KIH Bed is a luxury product, with 100% soft brushed cotton covered and ironed with mountain spring or mineral water to infuse goodness in each one before shipment, we understand energy at KIH Products and we work with it to ensure mum and baby are in the best possible position they can be in.

KIH Beds can be found with leading Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Spa Chains and individual professional practitioners throughout the UK and overseas – many therapists are listed on our map here, for you to book a treatment near you.

Made in the UK and supporting several UK businesses we are proud to manufacture and export this product to support our own economy.

KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion, Awarded Excellence in Innovation Highly Commended Accolade Award by the Federation of Holistic Therapists in 2015 and Lux Life Most Innovative Pregnancy Cushion 2019.


Actions speak louder than words! The Sleeping Beauty Salon Spa Chain in Scotland have purchased the KIH Bed Pregnancy cushion three times for salons in their Salon chain. Osteopath Caroline Penn purchased for two of her clinics in Herefordshire and Hertfordshire and Melissa Folly Chiropractor purchased a second KIH Bed for her Cheltenham practice following two years of successful use in her Symonds Yat practice..

Sometimes salon owners are a little too busy to give feedback, but who needs feedback when ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS…The Sleeping Beauty Salon Spa Chain in Scotland purchased their third KIH Bed for their Salon chain after successful trials in two other salons. They bought the first one for their Margaret Street Salon in #Inverness. Their second for the Radisson Blu Hotel on the Royal Mile in #Edinburgh six months later. and their third one for the STUNNING Loch Lochy a year after that.

The KIH Bed is available via www.kihproducts.co.uk or via Amazon #KIHBedPregnancyCushion (albeit it is more expensive on Amazon to cover fees)

The KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion is used worldwide by massage therapists, chiropractors. osteopaths and other professional practitioners, including Caroline Penn who purchased two KIH Beds for her clinics in Herefordshire and Hertfordshire. Caroline Penn D.O., M.Sc., F.S.C.C., P.H.I. is a qualified teacher, involved in teaching osteopathy internationally at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. She established an accredited teacher training programme specifically for osteopaths in 1993. She is a co-founder of The Sutherland Cranial College and a founder Osteopath with the ‘Osteopathic Centre for Children’ (now the ‘Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy’). 

As well as being used to treat clients in a luxury spa setting, and being used by Osteopaths, the KIH Bed is popular with Chiropractors, such as Melissa Folly who purchased her first KIH Bed for her Symonds Yat practice, and then a year or two later expanded to Cheltenham and purchased her second KIH Bed to treat her pregnant clients there.

If you are pregnant and looking for a message or therapy that enables you to lay prone (on your front) full term – go to our find a practitioner map here – and if you are a therapist and not on the map please contact me and I will make sure you are added!

The KIH Bed has won a couple of awards in its own right including the FHT Highly Commended Excellence in Innovation in 2015 and the Lux Life Hotel and Spa Awards Most Innovative Pregnancy Cushion in 2019.

I designed the KIH Bed in 2011 during my own pregnancy and need to lay on my front & launched in July 2013 following two years of extensive research, professional consultation and health and safety testing to ensure that the KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion was a safe, saleable product. The KIH Bed is fully compliant with British Standards BS7177, BS5852 and BSEN713.  These tests relate to furniture & fire regulations and also to breathability testing as carried out on cot mattresses.

I am also very proud to offer ACP on KIH Beds – this is for small business owners who need to manage cashflow. ACP is still advance payment, so it does not offer credit, nor does the fee increase for spreading the cost, but, you can start a four week or ten week plan and look forward to receiving your goods once the final payment has been received. I do this because I needed it when I set up, and I would never have had my first ‘professional corporate photo’ had the photographer not allowed me to pay £15 per week instead of finding £150 in one go! There is no risk and no discount helping people build business this way.