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KIH Products Ltd nominated for prestigious Hotel and Spa Awards 2019, proudly hosted by LUXlife Magazine!

Last night I received this e-mail and have NO IDEA who nominated me so THANK YOU ❤️

I’m not sure how you vote but when I find out I will be #sharing#pregnancymassagecushion #luxurypregnancymassage

The KIH Bed is a luxury Pregnancy Massage Cushion Made in the UK since 2011.  Loved by leading Spas, Osteopaths, Chiropractors & Massage Therapists Worldwide.

The luxury 100% Soft Brushed Cotton Cover is removable and washable and the KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion is designed to support your clients skeletal structure and round ligaments.  Enabling them to fully relax laying prone at variable stages of pregnancy.

Award Winning * Made in the UK * Established KIH Products Ltd since 2013 *


‘It gives me great pleasure to contact you today and inform you that we have received a nomination for KIH Products Ltd within our prestigious Hotel and Spa Awards 2019, proudly hosted by LUXlife Magazine!

LUX Life Magazine is looking to honour those who work tirelessly to provide the best guest services, amongst fierce competition, allowing peaceful and tranquil experiences. From private rentals & unique stays right to health & leisure treatments, LUX Magazine will leave no ‘hot’ stone un-turned when it comes to finalising this years winners.’

There’s no denying that makes me a very happy lady LUX

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